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It’s a pleasure to have you onboard. Please complete each of the fields below per cabin sailing. Please complete this ONE time. Any updates must be emailed to

1. Guests legal first and last name as it appears on their government ID.
2. Date of Birth
3. Contact email and phone #
4. Check the box asking if you are vaccinated for Covid 19 or not.
5. Please enter if the guests have their passport or Birth Cert and Gov ID.
6. Included any need information for this group booking in the space below

If you are a single occupant, please fulfill second guest information with the same name.


The information given above will be used to populate the cabins on The Super Legends Cruise Sept 15-18, 2022.

Any incorrect information may result in a cancelled cabin or affect the ability for the Artist to board the ship.

Please double check to make sure all the information is current and correct.

We look forward to sailing with you on the Super Legends Cruise.

Acopy of this email will be sent to the CONTACT EMAIL on the top of the page.

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